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Article: The Guardian view on artificial intelligence: not a technological problem

The dream of a computer system with godlike powers and the wisdom to use them well is merely a theological construct The House of Lords report on the implications of artificial intelligence is a thoughtful document which grasps one rather important point: this is not only something that computers… Sent via Flipboard, your personal […]

real AI

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Article: Warren Buffett offers his ‘strongest argument’ against a practice investors are doing in record numbers

Warren Buffett doesn’t recommend going into debt to buy stocks. But that’s exactly what investors are doing in record numbers. Margin-debt balances — loans individual investors take from their brokers in hopes of beefing up their portfolios and maximizing returns — rose to a record $665.72 billio… Sent via Flipboard, your personal magazine. Get […]

Article: 4 things executives should know about AI and data science

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning are buzzworthy terms in the world of business, ranging across channels from customer service to finance and beyond. Because big data is big news, companies want to implement AI to improve their businesses — but some are making the mista… Sent via Flipboard, your personal magazine. Get […]

Article: Choose the right AI method for the job

Choose the right AI method for the job

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