neural AUDNZD trading


at nFX we developed a neural network trading & forecasting system different to every other investment strategy in the FOREX market. the power of our trading package is based on the unique combination of neural network technology & a niche market AUDNZD trading system.

with our product we want to approach institutional investors as well as long term individual FX traders all around the globe. test our strategy by subscribing to a 1 month trial.

nFX currency signal service

  • neural network technology
  • specialized on AUDNZD exclusively
  • constant excellent performance
  • scientific approach to FX trading
  • no need for trade monitoring / easy to execute

the daily trading signal can be executed with any forex broker of your choice. AUDNZD is among the top 10 pairs traded worldwide which guarantees high liquidity & low spreads.

our managed account program gives you the opportunity to participate in our trading system without having to become an active trader yourself. for detailed information on our managed account (PAMM) please mail to:

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