why we trade AUDNZD

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advantages of AUDNZD

AUD/NZD is the perfect currency pair for technical traders whos decisions are based on statistical analysis – as opposed to purely reactive news traders relying on fundamental data in their trading decisions. 

medium volatility, strong trends and detectable patterns in quote development are extremely interesting characteristics of AUSSIE/KIWI.

the pair can be traded with any major FX broker worldwide, lists among the 10 most traded and is highly liquid.

stable market conditions

australia and new zealand are both rich countries with stable and transparent economies. their currencies react in sync to FOREX market turmoil arising out of the above mentioned majors. AUD/NZD is not involved in hectic and choppy market reactions following news and headlines out of the major currency nations. 

when trading AUSSIE/KIWI we are not engaged in uncontrollable reactive trading and news trading which is a fundamental barrier for establishing profitable investment strategies with the majors: USD, EURO, GBP, JPY.

volatility & correlation

both countries are located in the same region but their currencies don’t correlate. investors perceive them as rivals and not partners, which provides the volatility and liquidity we need for generating trading profits. AUD/NZD volatility arises out of technical influences which allows us to develop a sound trading strategy with our NEURAL NETWORKS and enables us to avoid outside market disturbances. 

due to clear cut monetary policies by the reserve bank of australia (RBA) and the reserve bank of new zealand (RBNZ) pattern irritation in quote development and volatility fluctuations don’t pose a serious threat to our neural investment strategy.

state of the art neural nets & years of expertise with NNs and the FOREX market provide us with the best tool for the development of highly profitable investment strategies with AUSSIE/KIWI.

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