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view result charts 2015-18 & download detailed track records of our neural forex trading system

download our complete trading record 2015-17 (XLS-download is 100% SAFE): nfxresults2017 this file contains entry/exit/stop loss/take profit of every single trading day starting january 2015. current profit: +383%  (36 months traded) for further information please visit our website at: http://www.neuralfx.eu overall profit development in %: results per quarter in pips: monthly results in pips: to […]

trading signal jan. 15, 2018 (not realtime. don’t copy trade!)

FOREX trading signal for Monday, 2018-01-15: SELL AUDNZD current entry quote: 1.0920 stop loss: 1.0980 (60 pips) exit limit: 1.0820 (100 pips) FOREX signal results for Sunday, 2018-01-14: open: 1.0860 close: 1.0920 (60 pips) result: 60 pips to order our 1 month TRIAL FOREX real time signals please sign up here: 1 MONTH TRIAL http://www.neuralfx.eu

trial signals neuralFX (full product, 1 month, €10.- admin fee)

to sign up for our 1 month trial  please fill in the form below or send a text message/whatsapp including your name + email + country to +43 664 39 69 079 please transfer €10.- via paypal to: payments@neuralfx.eu if you prefer another method please let us know: info@neuralfx.eu your trial will include the following […]