FOREX trading results and charts 2015/16

trading start: january 12, 2015

current profit: +279%

f1      f2

download our detailed daily trading history (XLS-file):


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calculation of nFX signal results:

the result charts published above are based on our daily signal results which are shown in the xls-result table.
please download the complete table at the DOWNLOAD-link on the bottom of this page.
you can backtrack and verify every single trading day by checking our BLOG posts.
results are calculated in pips and in percentage change.
now how does the conversion from pips into percent work?

it’s no magic at all: apart from intraday position management our risk limitation strategy includes a stop loss of 3%.
this means that daily risk is limited to 3% of account volume. furthermore we usually – not every single time – set the stop loss
at 60 pips from the entry price.
(in case we choose to use another stop loss distance than 60pips we adjust leverage to end up with 3% s/l again)
we never ever risk more than 3% per day! and you shouldn’t either.
in other words: every 10pip change in the quote results in a 0.5% change of account volume. feel free to verify in the xls-sheet.

when you subscribe to our signals we strongly recommend to copy trade this strategy.
since account volumes vary you will have to adjust your leverage (trade size) in order to make these 60pips of your stop loss
represent 3% of your account.

the following website will assist you in calculating pip values for different trade sizes: FOREX pip calculator
in case you need any further help please send an email to:

p: +43 664 3969079
twitter: nfx_eu

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